Time to see the light: Kerry and Edwards an obvious choice

Published 12:00 am Friday, July 30, 2004

Editor, the News-Herald:

My son-in-law retired Major Revell

is wrong on all of his opinions on the 27th. Senator John Kerry served his country and when he found out the Vietnam War was wrong he correctly tried to stop this war and saved many lives by doing so.


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Fifty-eight thousand lost their lives for this foolish war. I was there, I saw green body bags stacked up like cord wood, while the politicians said we were winning. The politicians were not there but safely hiding behind college deferments. The rich did not fight or even visit us in the BIG RED ONE, the first infantry division.

President Bush started this unnecessary Iraq war, something no veteran would do because we know what war is really like, not like the movies at all.

I want Bush and his draft dodging out of office before one more son or daughter dies for his foolish mistake. Vote for John Kerry and John Edwards. We need them.

P.S. Mr. Stanford,

you are also wrong on your opinions of Senator John Kerry. What upsets me most is you misspelled my name.

William H. Harward