Online entries from SNH Web site show support for Kerry and quests to find old friends and classmates

Published 12:00 am Friday, August 20, 2004

The following submissions are from the guest book of the Suffolk News-Herald Web site.

-Hello to my family and friends in Suffolk, VA. I enjoy reading the comments in the guestbook. Keep it alive ! ! ! !

Michelle Copeland Massey

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-I’d like to praise Tom Cohoon of Suffolk for submitting his letter to the Editor of the Herald; Kidding about Kerry? I’m a 51-year old &uot;army brat&uot;, with my Father serving 25 years in the United States Army, then, he retired honorably, I might add! God rest his soul, he would have agreed with your &uot;thoughts and the facts&uot; 100%, and then some!

I pray that all of the potential Kerry supporters out there will weigh their decision very carefully on November 2nd. If not, it may be a four-year &uot;nightmare&uot; they’ll have to live with! Thank you, A Country Girl From….. Blackcreek, Virginia


-Hey Folks….Well I live in New Jersey now since 1972 and just wanted to tell all those that remember me HI. If you like, you can e-mail me at &uot;;. It would be nice to hear from the classmates of 1972 (whew…how time flies). Take care all. Luv ya…..Sudie (Also known as Toots)

Sudie Pittman Thrasher

Hello Suffolk, it’s been years. I’m from 8th street in Hollywood. J.F.K. class of 1983. I’m married living in Charleston S.C.. I’m an associate Pastor here. Just wanted to say hello to friends at home.

Rev. William Norman Jr

nlovely site, thanks


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