Don’t expect to see fruit of darkness right out in open

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 1, 2004

Editor, the News-Herald:

I’m still wondering what Friday’s guest column titled, &uot;Sex shop hype seemingly unwarranted,&uot; by David Forsythe was all about.

What exactly did Mr. Forsythe expect to find on his three trips to Suffolk during the last four months? Perverts do not parade themselves on Main Street with a sandwich board. Mr. Forsythe needs instruction in the ways of deviance.

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It would be good for him to speak with Sgt. Scott Little, the subject of an article titled &uot;On the trail of deviant minds,&uot; by Joanne Kimberlin which ran in the Virginian Pilot on the same day. Sgt. Little, who works on a relatively low budget out of the County Sheriff’s office in Gloucester, trolls the internet looking for Hampton Roads predators. Little reports that a couple of years ago one of these criminals sent a young boy he met on the Internet a package of sex toys – the kind of stuff this store you are defending provides.

Don‚t expect to see the fruit of darkness right out there in the open. You have to pick up some bricks to see the vermin run – but make no mistake they are out there and this kind of business not only feeds their perversion, it attracts them.

Judy Taylor