Bush supporters brainwashed; published views are disoriented

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 16, 2004

God bless all your readers who wrote to defend Mr. Bush, as their time is precious and their motives honorable.

However, reading each response was painful because I believe these good and honest people have been brainwashed so completely through the years by the media that there perspectives are disoriented.

We all have a marvelous tool at our fingertips to use for investigation and learning.

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The computer and Internet are worth 100 libraries.

But it must be used.

Teddy Roosevelt lost his second run for the presidency because he became privy to the &uot;shadow government&uot; that runs this country and has for 100 years.

And he wasn’t one of &uot;them.&uot; Year after year we vote for one of the two-party candidates.

The party affiliation changes with the tide, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush…you get the picture.

But what changes for the better in this country?

Terrorism, increasing deficits, wars, pornography, gay marriage, abortion, growing underclass, less insured, open boarders, the list is unlimited.

One thousand gone in Iraq, thousands maimed for life, families broken and sad.

What a mess.

May I ask the readers (and the writers) to type a few words on their Internet search engine.

Try &uot;One World Order,&uot; &uot;Bildebergers,&uot; &uot;Council on Foreign Relations,&uot; &uot;Trilateral Commission,&uot; &uot;Skull and Bones.&uot;

Then read, read, read.

Call me a conspiracy theorist if you wish, but those who continually disregard all the signs are just kidding themselves.

It’s time to take the blinders off and to take our country back.

We can do it.

Judith Sharpe