Readers should put their facts on the table with regard to tax rates

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 16, 2004

Editor, the News-Herald:

The Naysayers Club of Suffolk, which regularly meets on these pages, persists in informing me that the rate of taxation to which I am subjected is much too high. I am willing to consider their contention, but find myself sadly lacking the tools to judge its merits.

In other words, my taxes are too high compared to what or to whom? How can I measure my misery level without a yardstick? Therefore, I am herewith calling upon them for their assistance.

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I am wondering if they might be so kind as to undertake a tax rate survey of similar communities across the Commonwealth and report the results on these pages. Such an

independent survey would be untainted by official meddling and conspiracies.

Just think of it! A survey conducted by independent citizens who have publicly stated that they feel duty-bound to criticize! Surely they will feel just as duty-bound to collect data in support of their criticism. It’ll be another feather in Suffolk’s cap. We’ll be the envy of surrounding communities when they see that we have civic-minded citizens such as these, a fiercely independent group that doesn’t wait for City Hall to do everything for them. My hat’s off to them already. Isn’t Suffolk a great place to live?

Tom Cohoon

Suffolk News Herald