Lady Cavs all over All-District

Published 12:00 am Saturday, November 6, 2004

Suffolk News-Herald

Know what would be pretty cool? If the other eight field hockey teams in the Southeastern District put together an All-Star team of their best players, then took on Lakeland.

Chances are, the Lady Cavaliers would still win. As it stands, Lakeland, who didn’t allow a goal from their district counterparts this entire season (not surprisingly, the blue and white girls went undefeated for their fourth straight district title), filled up the All-District squads, announced earlier this week.

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Here’s how all the Lady Suffolkians ranked among the league elite:

First team:

Lakeland: Katelyn Smither (Player of the Year)

Lindsay Cutchins (only First team freshman)

Stephanie Owen

Nicole Klee

Lindsay Kelly

Ashley McCord

Kelsey Cutchins Nansemond River: Katelyn Yandle (only First team sophomore)

Ashley Aston

Heather Horton

Natalie Sims

Second team:

Lakeland: Melissa Dunn Nansemond River: Jessica Watahovich

Cristina Valdevieso

Amber Shaffer

King’s Fork: Brandi Novak (only Second team sophomore)

Whitney Witt (freshman) Honorable Mention:

Lakeland: Chelsey Salmon

Becky Salmon

Katie Daughtrey

Nansemond River: Erin Rice

Heather Proffit

Lindley Theroux

King’s Fork: Ashley Payton