President Bush won’t, shouldn’t change

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, November 9, 2004

Editor, the News-Herald:

In your Thursday commentary, you express the hope that President Bush will change and that now having been elected, he will pander the liberals by moving in their direction. Why on earth should he do such a thing?

He was just re-elected by the largest popular vote in U.S. history because of his resolute stance against the winds of politics. He has been unwavering in the face of blistering attacks by liberals and has demonstrated that he is a man with the courage of his convictions. Why should he now betray the trust of those who re-elected him because of those very traits?

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Has it ever occurred to you, that perhaps it is you and the liberals who should change? For the first time in sixteen years, over 50

of Americans are agreed on

who they

want to lead them during the perilous days that lie ahead. Does this not convey to you the thought that you are out of step with mainstream America and that perhaps you

should re-examine your sense of values? Whatever they may be, it is obvious that they are not those shared by a majority of Americans.

Liberals might wish to reflect upon the role models they have placed before the youth of this nation, described by John Kerry as representing the heartland of America; the foul mouthed Whoopi Goldberg, the obscene rappers and the likes of congenital liar Michael Moore.

Liberals have also openly supported draft dodgers, deserters and anti

war demonstrators, even as our fighting men are engaged in a life or death struggle with terrorists on foreign soil. By many Americans, this is viewed as aiding, abetting and giving comfort to the enemy in time of war, a treasonous act as defined by law.

If liberals should ever want to join in with mainstream America, they might want to begin by teaching their young sons that service to one’s country in time of war is an honor and a privilege and that shirking that duty is an act of cowardice. Running to Canada or chopping off toes to avoid service in time of war is an unlawful act and a reprehensible one in the eyes of a majority of the American people.

So while you hope our President changes, I fervently pray that he does not change one iota. I pray that he will remain steadfast and unwavering in his beliefs and convictions. His are the values that made America great. Liberal values are akin to those associated with the downfall of the Roman Empire. May God spare us such a fate and may He continue to bless America.

Tom Cohoon