Tell panic-stricken liberals all is well

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Editor, the News-Herald:

George W. Bush, 52 percent of the popular vote, wins decisively at the end of the election. Suddenly, all the Kerry/Edwards signs disappear. A few Bush/Cheney signs remain in the yards of people, of which I am one, that want to gloat a little. However, I‚d like to reach out to all those panic-stricken liberals and assure them that everything will be OK.

I would implore all the reasoning Democrats to think about what happened in this election. Is your party truly a reflection of mainstream America or has it been highjacked by ultra-liberal whackos like Michael Moore, Al Sharpton, and Al Franken?

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Sen. Zell Miller said it best when someone asked him how he could abandon his party and speak at the Republican Convention. His response was enlightening. He said that &uot;my party abandoned me, I’m the same man with the same beliefs as when I was first elected.&uot;

If you feel like Zell Miller, perhaps it’s time for you to regain control of the Democratic Party.

Let the liberal left know that they aren’t the heart and soul of Democratic ideals and look for an electable candidate that represents your core beliefs. The American people are sending the Democrats a message.

Ask Tom Daschle, the defeated Senate Minority leader: Americans are ready for a change of Democratic leadership!

In his concession call to President Bush, Kerry talked about the deep rift in our country and asked that the President work with the Democrats and find some common ground. I’ll be watching the Democrats as President Bush reorganizes his cabinet and makes new judicial appointments and look for them to display that same sense of bi-partisanship as they endorse those appointments.

&uot;In God We Trust,&uot; all others must earn our allegiance and support.

Everett C. Revell