Welcome to the Manor

Published 12:00 am Friday, November 12, 2004

The expression &uot;the Manor&uot; conjured up a real stately house with lovely, long. narrow windows, long stairway entrance, and double doors. Then you get this building on a large tract of land. It must have lots of lawn, rolling hills, lots of tall, beautiful trees, hedges, and lots of colorful flowers or blooms. I’d hate to have to cut all that grass, but I’d have too much pride to let it get shabby looking. I left off an arbor. Anyone care to handle the upkeep?

Keep all that description in mind as I tell you of another ‘man’ I know. Ok, those details of my idea of a manor leave me just exhausted. Why do I get into these situations? I wasn’t going to do a column until I finished my big project. I started to write for my project and swear to you I conjured this. I’m not well I guess-but I can’t leave it here.

Back to the manors both imaginary and real. Here’s the real one: a low slung building on a well kept flat. Green grass well kept with some beautiful trees and bushes and bushes not forgetting some lovely, colorful azalea bushes.

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Outside my window here is an island of beauty with large trees and a great azalea bush. It is suck a lovely sight to see and start the day. This is Magnolia Manor.

Would you believe I had never seen or smelled this blossom? One was shown to me one day and while I praised the pure look of it and remarked that it was too bad it had no odor, I was very quickly told the smell was delightful.

My nose smelled nothing. I guess a northern nose just wouldn’t smell it, only a southern nose could. I still say no smell. Me and that northern nose!

Now we go to the inside. Clean and shiny come to mind. The railing on the walls sparkles. Rooms are fine- one good sized room and a very nice bathroom. The aid girls are wonderful. They will help you with anything. Residents need help in many ways- bathing and dressing. I’m lucky in this area. I don’t need help. Since this is an assisted living center they get more help than a retirement center somewhere else.

Let’s go on. Rooms are at your convenience for heat and coolness. If you can make your own bed you do. I do. But it can be done for you. Food is very good and you can have a guest join if you care to. I have done this and said guest marveled at how good staff gives you a few choices- something unheard of.

Now, for your entertainment- activities. More and interesting activities. The have a spelling bee. I haven’t won it yet. Wouldn’t you think I would as words are so much a part of my life? One day! We’ve had a session of trivia. This I like. I’m good at this. They bake cookies and have a hand at craft making. They make some delightful things. One resident is now making a lamp in class. Talent everywhere.

The administrator is a woman who was born hurrying. I have never seen her walk. She’s pleasant and helpful. She listens. Next to her is Millie who is a friend to the non-walking administrator- a real good one. They, together, take wonderful care of us. In my mind they should be earning a bundle but I’m sure they don’t. I taught for 27 years and know what it’s like to be caring for a large group and mine were small ones. To Martha and Millie you deserve large kudos. That and much more. Don’t change-ever!

Continued success to the manor of the flowers with no odor. It doesn’t, I don’t care which southern nose finds one. I don’t! Honestly!

Florence Arena is a regular News-Herald columnist. She is

currently working on a book.