A slew of ‘thankful fors’

Published 12:00 am Saturday, November 20, 2004

It’s that thankful month again. Although living in a retirement center I have so many thankful fors, I’ll start way back and state a few.

Well you start with family way back then. I’ll remind you that I go back a lot of years. Big numbers but I have a young outlook – please no arguments. Show some respect and let me enjoy it. OK?

Thankful for family. Having 4 brothers, I’ve got the best. The best time was when I beat brother Bud at poker. Finally! Won $1.60. It felt like a million. You see brother Bud never lost at poker. Never. Even my grandmother who cheated never could beat him.

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Thankful for a wonderful dad who thought I was the smartest kid in the world and would, as the saying goes, make a name for myself one day. I’m still waiting.

Thankful for 4 pretty sisters. (smart, too). Thankful for friends Annette and Peg. I call her Peg at the Cape. I’ve often tried to figure how many years, no luck. My math is lousy. She’d know to the minute. I taught with Annette for a whole bunch of years in New York. Many a class trip to the Bronx Zoo we shared with our second grade classes. Fun with not one lost kid.

School: I asked my kids once what they were thankful for. Here are some responses. &uot;Thankful for I didn’t wet my pants.&uot; Wouldn’t you be?&uot; Thankful I hit my sister. She broke my car. Then my mother hit me. I’ll hit her again some time.&uot;

Let me go back to wet pants. I have a delightful story. No thankful for but you’ll enjoy it. My first year teaching I had the most adorable twin boys. Light blonde, gorgeous blue eyes. One was writing a poem they learned when he wet his pants. It was everywhere! Suddenly twin #2 jumped up and came to #1’s side, stood next to him and added his amount to the already spreading one. Too bad they weren’t in the army. I’m sure they would be given medals. Thought you’d like it. Now, back to my exciting happenings.

College thankful for no one knew I wrongly thought a professor had the hots for me. I always wanted to find a spot I could use the expression. It sounds sinful. I didn’t like this man and while I saw myself on his arm at faculty teas what he said was, &uot;Miss Coyne I’ll pass you in this course if you promise that you will never take another course of mine while you are in this college.&uot; So much for romance. Got lots more but there is only so much paper space.

Happy Thanksgiving to all. Remember to be thankful (for anything!).

Florence Arena writes an occasional column in the News-Herald.