Chuckatuck borough residents should defend their representative

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 7, 2004

Editor, Suffolk News Herald:

Citizens of the Chuckatuck borough are indeed fortunate to have a representative on the Suffolk City Council who is one of the most able, articulate, and admired persons to ever serve on Council.

This being said, it defies rational thought to understand why there has

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been no support and public outcry against the harassment, humiliation and public ridicule which continues to be directed toward this public servant.

Are the citizens of the Chuckatuck Borough so uninformed on issues that they are oblivious, or are they so inured by the times that they simply don’t care that an individual who spends a greater part of his every

waking day either on their behalf or on promoting and working for the

City of Suffolk is treated in such a manner?

Just because an individual is in the public domain is no reason they should be subjected to abuse ranging from frivolous law suits to

accusatory billboards.

Why has no thinking person bothered to take issue with or make any efforts to correct misstatements of facts or even outright distortions?

Charles T. Shotton