Shelter being good stewards of taxpayers’ money

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 7, 2004

Editor, the News-Herald:

It sure sounded to me like the Suffolk Shelter was making sound decisions that just don’t come across as politically correct to you or to those bleeding hearts who never want to hold anyone accountable for their actions!

Why is it that the media typically try to imply that you are evil if you don’t want to give away a large portion of your salary (in tax dollars) to support programs for those who take no self-responsibility?

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People like Ms. Miller, being good stewards of the public’s and other’s resources make attempts to do &uot;the right thing&uot; and provide opportunities.

However, at some point, enough is enough.

Your staff made what appears to be shoddy and misleading statements.

You published a rebuttal but is Ms. Miller going to get another shot at you in your paper after your second shot at her?

That usually isn’t the case, unless it sells papers or increases ratings.

I am returning to the United States after working overseas for several years and I am disappointed that Liberal bias continues to load the back of the working class with the burdens created by the irresponsible!

David Forsythe

Naples, Italy