Dec. 31, 1963: Stories featured in the Suffolk News-Herald 41 years ago…

Published 12:00 am Friday, December 31, 2004

Vincent retires after 47 years of banking

There have been many special days in the banking career of John A. Vincent, but never quite like yesterday and today.

Vincent retires today, Dec. 31, after 47 years of continuous service to Virginia National Bank formerly the Virginia National Bank, formerly the National Bank of Suffolk.

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On Monday officers and directors of Virginia National’s Suffolk office met with Vincent in the bank’s directors room. Vincent was presented the traditional Virginia National Bank Revere Silver Bowl by Jack W. Nurney, senior vice president of the bank.

Engraving on the silver bowl was described by one bank official as &uot;suitable.&uot; It read: &uot;Presented to John A. Vincent, in recognition of long and faithful service and to mark honorable retirement, 1916-1963 Assistant Vice President, 1951-1963, Virginia National Bank, Suffolk, Virginia.&uot;

Those attending the Monday meeting along with Vincent and Nurney were Suffolk office directors William N. Birdsong and E. H. Rawles, James L. McLemore Jr., vice president; E. Causey Luke, assistant cashier, and James F. Murphy, assistant cashier.

Cheer Fund drive ends

The drive for the Suffolk Cheer Fund will make it the final appeal to the people of Suffolk and Nansemond County for the $2,400 to buy food for the needy.

The welfare agencies have helped in this effort, both in cash donations by its employees and in the time given to issuing food orders, for which they received the sincere appreciation of the recipients of the food and the thanks of the News-Herald, sponsor of the Suffolk Cheer Fund.

Those who have not yet contributed but wish to do so, please mail donations to Suffolk Cheer Fund, P.O. Box 1220, or bring them to the Suffolk News Herald office, 130 S. Saratoga Street.

100 attend Cotillion Club Dance at Planter’s Club

The Christmas dance of the Suffolk Cotillion Club was held Saturday night at Planter’s Club with members and guests attending.

Those present were as follows: Mr. and Mrs. Jack Annas, Mr. and Mrs. Cabell Birdsong, Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Birdsong, Mr. and Mrs. William Birdsong, Mr. and Mrs. Lin B. Callis, Mr. and Mrs. William Carr, Mr. and Mrs. Dean Carter, Mr. and Mrs. John H. Carter, Mr. and Mrs. John H. Carter, Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Chapman, Jr., and Mr. and Mrs. Austin Darden.

Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Duff, Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Floyd, Mr. and Mrs. John C. Harry III, Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Harrell, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. L. Q. Hines, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Joyner, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. William McKinney, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Odom, Mr. and Mrs. William Peachy, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pond, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Quayle.

New Year’s service at Seventh Street Church

A traditional dinner of hog jowl, black-eyed peas and rice will be served after midnight following, a New Year’s Eve Watch Night service at the Healing Fountain Holiness Church



The service will begin at 8:30 p.m. The speaker for the evening will be the Rev. J. Foreman of Suffolk.

A special gospel concert will be rendered by the Pearless Four of Norfolk, the Echoneers of Suffolk, the Virginia Sons of Harmony of Newport News, and many other outstanding gospel singers.

-Compiled by Jennifer Rose