Dickens will be missed on council

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Editor, the News-Herald:

Losing the expertise of Dana Dickens in dealing with decision making concerning our City business will certainly cause a void. His attention to detail will not be easy to replace.

His presence and diligence for overall good of our city, not just the Chuckatuck Magisterial District, will be missed.

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Linda Johnson is on track when looking at the city business versus building contractors. I, too, believe this city has become too involved with projects which benefit certain persons,businessmen.

True, this city grew in area when the City of Nansemond merged with the City of Suffolk.

Many of the promises sold to some of our citizens, have not been accomplished in old Nansemond City (County).

The downtown has received many grants and much tax money has been spent to improve property which is owned by private corporations.

A great amount of tax money has been spent for &uot;shoring up property&uot; to build the Hilton Gardens Inn.

A great deal of tax money has been spent to tear down Birdsong Recreation Center, a building which was paid for by the Birdsong Foundation. This building was a great influence for some youngsters who needed guidance and something to do with their time. The old Obici Hospital was paid for by the Obici Foundation.

It was torn down.

This property is prime and may benefit the new Obici Hospital, via the sale to this city.

I question the benefit to this city?

I question the benefit of tearing down many other buildings to build a new street in Suffolk.

I question our city assuming the building, maintenance, and upkeep of all highways in this City?

After looking at the proposed costs for highway maintenance, construction, purchasing equipment, hiring qualified personnel, and renting an area to keep this equipment, I still question the proposed increase in the tax monies which will be paid to this city. Where will this state and federal money come from if not from taxpayers?

It appears that there are too many unanswered questions for those of us who have been and are still paying greatly increased taxes for the

few services we have received due to the merger with downtown Suffolk.

Some of us are still very interested in our city government and want to see progress.

Thanks to Dana and all the other councilmen who try to make decisions which will benefit this city and all its inhabitants.

It is a thankless position, because to please all citizens is impossible.

But that is why we have a checks and balance system.

Each department is responsible to see that their employees are carrying out the duties in an efficient manner. It will be the miracle of the ages when we can see each office and department accomplishing their duties in a timely manner.

Good luck to you Dana, and I pray that when your successor is in place, that they will not be afraid to stand up for the good of all citizens of Suffolk.

Mary Grace Garner-Atkins