One last bite pushes Gators to victory

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Suffolk News-Herald

Late wins by Amanda Petroski and Samantha Barbour allowed the Suffolk Gators girls squad to hold off Newport News 176-174 Saturday afternoon at the Suffolk YMCA. Their win, coupled with the boys’ 191-141 win, gave the local swimmers a 461-399 victory.

The two teams came together at the start, as Petroski, Taylor Berard, David Forman and Curtis Oliver grabbed the top spot in the mixed 7-8 medley relay, while Samantha, Tori Macias, Elizabeth Wallace and Matthew Peterson got the 9-10 race. Danielle Thomas, Quinn Bradshaw, Taylor Dailey and Caleb Nixon finished second in the 11-12 event.

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Kylie Potter won the Girls 6U freestyle, and Michel Effler got second in the boys race. Amanda, Pauline Ferguson and Jennifer Saunders charged through the girls 7-8 event, and Curtis grabbed the boys race. In 9-10 racing, Samantha, Tori and Abbi Hancock were the top three, and Matthew got the boys race.

Caleb, Taylor and Zavier Monroe were the fastest in boys 11-12, and Danielle got second in the girls event. Kyle Peterson finished off freestyle competition by winning the boys 13-14 race.

Taylor and Kylie continued their winning ways, charging to the top of the girls 7-8 breaststroke. Elizabeth and Abbi won the 9-10 race, and Danielle and Caleb were second in their respective 11-12 races. Kyle was the only boy to win a breaststroke race, easily taking the 13-14.

Back to the bottom of the age brackets, Amanda and Taylor won the girls 6U individual medley race, and Elizabeth the 11-12.

With the meet halfway through, relay competition began again, with Taylor, Amanda, David and Curtis again winning their race, the 7-8 mixed freestyle. This time, Kyle, Jennifer, Pauline and Michael got second, and Samantha, Elizabeth, Matthew and Tori taking the 9-10 event. Danielle, Quinn, Taylor and Caleb were second in the 11-12 race.

Kylie and Michael got first and second in 6U freestyling, and Jennifer won the Girls 7-8. The Boys race came down to the wire, with Curtis edging David 46.7 seconds to 46.97.

Samantha and Tory were first and second in girls 9-10, and Matthew, Isaac Thomas and Conner Pederson the top three Boys finishers. Deatrice Bick-ham and Taylor won the 11-12 races, and Kyle and Anthony Wallace notched the 13-14.

Now with just two strokes left, Kylie was second in 6U backstroke, and Michael won the boys race. Taylor and Pauline got their 7-8 race, and Curtis won his. Elizabeth and Abbi got another first and second in 9-10, and Danielle took second in 11-12. Caleb, Taylor and Zavier swept the Boys 11-12, and Anthony, Keiyon Monroe and A.J. Stewart followed suit in 13-14 competition.

At this point, the boys were comfortably ahead, but the outcome was still in doubt for the girls. Fortunately, Amanda and Samantha got the 7-8

and 9-10 butterfly races, holding off an 11-12 win by Newport News to take the contest. Anthony finished the meet by taking the 13-14 race.