Resident patents invention for home

Published 12:00 am Monday, January 17, 2005

About a year ago, Ava Adams was redecorating her Burnett’s Way home in Suffolk for spring cleaning. Strolling around with a feather duster, Adams noticed just how dust-dingy her lampshades had become – and over a period of time, they would get worse and worse.

&uot;I wondered what it would be like to have a way to change the lampshades every time I changed the d\u00E9cor, without buying a new lampshade,&uot; said Adams, a U.S. Army retiree and insurance representative and business partner for Ameriplan, U.S.A.

She developed a product called, quite accurately, the Lamp Shade Cover.

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It protects lamp shades from dust and dirt, and adds decoration to any room in the house. It’s easy to install, as it doesn’t require tools, and its price of between $3 and $5 is much less expensive than purchasing a new shade, which usually runs upwards of $15.

&uot;The mass appeal of the Lamp Shade Cover is the many different colors and designs it has,&uot; said Adams.

About four months ago, Adam’s product was registered with the U. S. Patent and Registration Department in Washington, D.C., and Invention Technologies, Inc. is handling the publicity. It’s being made available for licensing to manufacturers, and Adams hopes to have it in full development and production in the near future.