Suffolk youths raise money for tsunami victims

Published 12:00 am Monday, January 24, 2005

In the parking lot of Shucker’s

Sunday afternoon, the weather was freezing cold. But as they stood in the icy rain, snow and sleet, Morgan Tester and her little sister Macy were thinking about thousands of people that had things much, much worse.

They were collecting donations for victims of the recent tsunami disaster. Armed with a sign asking passersby to stop and a bucket to collect the offerings, the girls brought in more than $150 for the local Red Cross chapter in less than three hours of work.

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&uot;I wanted to help them because they didn’t have any food or water or homes,&uot; said Morgan, a student at Mack Benn Elementary School.

Warmed by a bonfire, the girls piled their money into a plastic bag.

&uot;They gave us some $10s and $20s,&uot; Morgan said. &uot;We always said thank you.&uot;

Many drivers went by, then turned around and came back to donate, said Donna Perry, the girls’ aunt and a member of the Red Cross.

&uot;It was amazing how people went out of their way to make donations,&uot; Perry said.

For the next week, Morgan and her classmates will be holding another fundraiser for the victims.

Until Jan. 28, Mack Benn kids are asked to bring their own spare change to donate, and the grade that raises the most will get a snow cone party.