Leading us down the primrose path

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Editor, the News-Herald:

Are we being led down the proverbial &uot;Primrose Path&uot; , by listening to the city leaders, concerning maintenance of Suffolk streets and/or roadways?

Some of the former city councilmen are voicing many of my concerns. Some are listening and attempting to make a decision which will impact future generations much more that those of us who have attained our &uot;golden years.&uot;

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The idea of IDA adopting Kings Highway Bridge and putting band-aids on the bridge and charging a toll may seem fruitful to those who have moved into this area.

However, I remember when the bridge was known as Nick Wright Bridge, and it was adequate for the number of vehicles traveling across the Nansemond River.

With the growth of our city, the Kings Highway Bridge is not wide enough for two vehicles to pass safely when meeting . The weight of several cars on the bridge at the same time creates a danger.

It seems more prudent to continue with the study to relocate this much needed bridge to other existing and to-be-improved highways which will lead to a new international airport which may be constructed in Suffolk/Isle of Wight areas.

I believe it will be a huge mistake for Suffolk to even begin to consider maintenance of these 430 square miles, let alone the construction of much needed bridges or other road upgrades.

It is my understanding that our city is not planning to do any construction of new roads or bridges, only to maintain our present roads and bridges.

What makes our city leaders believe they have trained people to assume the planning, purchasing, training, salaries, health insurance, or retirement plans for additional city employees?

The anticipated increase to this city by state or federal government may only be a &uot;drop in a bottomless pit&uot; of demands by Citizens to upgrade the streets in their area of this city.

I don’t know what others may say, but I really don’t want to hear the future complaints from other citizens if you continue to accept every suggestion by others which impacts only one area of this city, then I say to you, &uot;you asked for the increase in taxes because you did not make your voice heard before the fact, not after.

To our city officials who work diligently to make and carry out plans which will truly help us enjoy our glden years and our future generations to be able to live in this city without being burdened with excessive taxes, I say &uot;thank you.&uot;

To those officials who can only see renovating the old downtown area of this city, I just hope and pray that your youngsters won’t have to pay for your short-sightedness.

Mary Grace Garner-Atkins