Our Opinion: Keep the city clean

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 24, 2005

Here’s an idea for an interesting activity. Pick up a piece of trash, then head over to the trash can and drop it in.

Now look at your watch. How long did that take? Five seconds? Ten? Perhaps 20 if you had to go into another room.

The point? The world’s busiest human can do their part

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to make things just a little cleaner.

Over the next few weeks, Suffolk’s Clean City Commission hopes that people realize just how easy it truly is to make their city a little bit spicker and a little bit spanner. The five BB&T bank branches in Suffolk will be handing out thousands of automobile litterbags to customers in which to deposit their unwanteds. It’s almost &uot;Keep Suffolk Clean Week&uot; (April 23-30) and the Clean City Commission wants its city to improve its physical being.

With just a little effort, what a difference we could all make. The city could so easily become just a little cleaner, and with the cleanliness comes a higher chance for safety. Dirt and the disease that it carries might disappear, or at least start to fade away. The germs that litter piles of litter wouldn’t have a place to spread and fester, and we’d start to win the war against bacteria.

Above all, it would be a pride in which we could all share, a credit that we could all enjoy a piece of. We could look at our city and say, &uot;It’s clean-and I played a part.&uot;

It’s a chance for all of Suffolk’s citizens, regardless of race, gender, social class, or any other clarification to feel the importance that they deserve.

&uot;Everyone deserves to live in a community environment that is healthy, safe, clean and beautiful,&uot; said the city’s Litter Control Coordinator Angie Mills, &uot;and we all have a role to play in achieving this goal.&uot;

It’s a role that doesn’t require much effort-but if played right, could pay off enormously.