Equal treatment applauded March 30, 2005

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 30, 2005

For those businesses in Suffolk which have had run-ins of some type with the city’s Department of Business Harassment, or, rather, Neighborhood Development Services – which, from what I’m told, is likely about all of them, this little nugget of information should make you feel better.

Shortly after the new Hilton opened, a banner went up along Constance Road advertising the hotel’s breakfast buffet. It’s been conspicuous by its absence this week. Word has it that the presence of the sign was in violation of UDO sign ordinances and NDS made them get rid of it.

Our city invested about $12 million cash in the Hilton/Conference Center/Waterfront/Park project, along with securing another $6 million of the price tag with industrial park property. If NDS won’t give them a break, your chances of getting away with anything are probably not too good.

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I kid around somewhat with NDS, but at least they appear to be showing no favoritism where code enforcement is concerned and for that, they should be applauded.

The New York Times reported Monday – a story reprinted Tuesday by the big, out-of-town newspaper that is distributed in Suffolk – on several soldiers stationed overseas whose families have been harassed by creditors and threatened with foreclosure on their homes and various other dastardly, Snidely Whiplashesque activities.

This is in violation of a federal law that forbids such ruthless collection activity against those serving their countries overseas in harm’s way.

These are the same companies your Congress just presented with a windfall by passing the bankruptcy bill. This sends a great message to our service people. No wonder recruitment is down.