A masterful ruse

Published 12:00 am Friday, April 29, 2005

I read something interesting the other day that never occurred to me before but the more I think about it, the likelier it seems.

It was about some of the whacko stuff that the president has been doing lately n the Terri Schaivo incident, nominating John Bolton to be the chief U.S. representative at the United Nations and proposing that Social Security accounts be privatized.

Could it be that it's all a Rovian ruse?

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Just take a look at it. Social Security is probably n short of the church and the right to own handguns n the most revered program or institution in America. Any imbecile could have told you that messing with it in a way that could lead to lower benefits would be met with virulent opposition from retirees and those nearing retirement, the vast majority of who vote.

It's difficult to imagine a more outrageous appointment that Bolton n who once said something to the effect that if the top 10 floors of the U.N. building were removed it wouldn't make a bit of difference. Again, surely to meet with fierce opposition and, of course, lots of media attention.

So while the media and Democrats have focused on these matters, what has the administration been up to? Namely, rewriting bankruptcy laws and implementing tort reform.

These are things that big business has wanted for years and years, but every time it came up, it was soundly defeated amid lots of publicity.

Now, with the spotlight on these issues that really don't matter and the administration probably doesn't even care about, these two corporate giveaways at the expense of the vast majority of Americans, were sneaked through with little fanfare and virtually no opposition.

It was brilliant (and somewhat evil), just as most things Karl Rove, the president's top advisor, comes up with.

Notice how the administration has not come up with any plan to change Social Security. The reason is they don't have one and don't care about it. It was all a smokescreen so that the real agenda could be put through beneath the radar.

So those who claim the president and congress appear to be stumbling around don't know what they're talking about. They know exactly what they are doing and are masterfully getting everything they want.