Poetry reading going belly-up

Published 12:00 am Friday, April 29, 2005

It seems Suffolk's brush with culture and sophistication may be coming to an end.

I understand Java 149 is discontinuing its open mic night for poetry readings because of a lack of interest.

That should not come as a surprise to anyone. I was somewhat dubious of it when I heard about it. It just didn't seem to me like the folks I'm accustomed to seeing downtown would be interested in reading their poetry before an audience.

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With all the professionals and nice eateries coming to downtown, the cultural environment may change, but it appears for now, Suffolk's still more of a wet t-shirt night town than a poetry reading town. How about wet t-shirt poetry reading?

After 33 years of playing golf, I hit my first hole-in-one Friday evening.

It was a 7 iron on the 160-yard 9th hole at Cedar Point.

Normally, we report such things in the print edition, but there were no witnesses to my feat so there might be some n only those who know me n who would be dubious of my claims.

Hitting a hole-in-one is more luck than skill. I know people who can't break 100 who have accomplished the feat multiple times.

My own ace verified this. I used to be a decent golfer when I played regularly about 10 years ago. I carried a four handicap for a time. I just really started playing again and it's been a struggle. I played 9 four straight days last week after work to try to establish a handicap and my scores have been terrible n mostly in the 46-48 range.

My ball striking is pretty good but any touch necessary for a decent short game has been non-existent. I two-chip and three-putt a lot. But it's improving.

I hit the seven iron on 9 thin n caught the ball on the bottom of the club which produces a low-trajectory. I can't see very well so it looked like it was going to land on the front of the green or just short. I thought the pin was toward the back. Halfway to the hole, I saw the pin was on the front and I didn't see the ball anywhere. I knew it had gone in. It was thrilling for me, but unfortunately, there was nobody there with whom to share it so it was kind of a hollow moment.

The ace, by the way, gave me a 40 for the round, so you know it's true. I wouldn't compromise my integrity for less than an even par 36.