Wrong people on trial in Jackson case

Published 12:00 am Friday, April 29, 2005

Day after day, watching more courtroom drama unfold in the infamous Michael Jackson child molestation case, you can’t help but turn the tables in your minds somewhat.

Observers of the case have been deluged with testimony after testimony from Jackson’s own staff members, the maid, security guard and yes, the butler.

But the accounts that stick out the most in recent days is that of the poor parents who allegedly had the gross misfortune of either witnessing or learning of Jackson’s ill behavior toward their children.

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It’s not enough that the security guard claims to have witnessed Jackson taking inappropriate actions against a young boy in the shower, or that the maid apparently saw similar indiscretions. But the ever-present question should be why didn’t they run to authorities when these events were initially realized

Unless they are complete morons, they should have passed the information on to the police immediately, particularly considering that precious children were allegedly involved.

One can only speculate that the reason they didn’t come forward earlier is because they’re now lying. Lying because in some cases they have an ax to grind with Jackson.

But the parents are even bigger mysteries.

Why in God’s name did they allow their children to repeatedly spend time with Jackson if they had the least bit of an indication that something wasn’t right? Courtroom observers have noted over the past several days that some jurors could be seen outright laughing at some of the ridiculous testimony by the latest parent to take the stand.

There’s no questioning that Michael Jackson has evolved into someone who is outright strange. Making matters worse, he’s taken up the hobby of spending too much time with young boys for the past several years. Whether he’s a young boy trapped in an adult body (though quite distorted by plastic surgery), or a perpetual child molester remains a matter that should be fairly assessed by the judicial process. So far, there’s been no compelling physical evidence, which has unfairly opened the door to this parade of apparent false witnesses.

But then again, one can’t help but turn the tables.

If in fact the security guard, maid, the parents and others who claim to have actually witnessed Jackson taking indecent liberties with children did nothing, then it seems more appropriate at this juncture that they stand trial, particularly the parents who continued to put their children in harm’s way (based on their version of the truth).

This string of accusers is even more criminal than they have purported Jackson to be because they did nothing.