April 24

Published 12:00 am Monday, May 2, 2005

Gas drive-off, Carolina Road.

Undetermined death, Sleepy Hole Road.

Grand larceny, Cedar Street.

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Unauthorized use of auto, Eugenia Street.

Brandishing a firearm, South Wellons Street.

Missing person, Stoney Ridge Avenue.

Possession of marijuana, College Drive.

Gas drive-off, Holland Road.

Grand larceny, Mill Point Court.

Recovered stolen auto, South Quay Road.

Hit and run, North Main Street.

Threaten bodily harm, Breezeport Way.

Assault, simple, domestic, Sherwood Place.

Assault, simple, North Main Street.

Motor vehicle theft, Desert Road.

Theft from motor vehicle, Godwin Boulevard.

April 25

Assault, simple, domestic, Turlington Road.

Threatening phone calls, Nancy Drive.

Assault, simple, domestic, North Lloyd Street.


April 22

Jonathan E. Rankin, 20, impersonating law enforcement, North Main Street.

Dameyon E. Wilson, 20, failure to appear, Godwin Boulevard.

Crystal Dawn Soporowski, 26, contempt of court, Godwin Boulevard.

Desi Lemond Jennings, 33, failure to appear on a misdemeanor charge, Godwin Boulevard.

Pepe Orlando Mann, 27, revocation of suspended sentence, Godwin Boulevard.

Monica Lynn Arnold, 36, assault and battery, Godwin Boulevard.

Antwon Deon Hicks, 29, contempt of court, Godwin Boulevard.

Greg Allen Brendle, 42, destruction of property, monument, Godwin Boulevard.

Ramon Pena Navarro, 45, grand larceny, Portsmouth Boulevard.

-Compiled by Jennifer Rose