Two take three at YMCA All-Stars

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Kylie Potter and Gabrielle Bishop won three races each in the YMCA All-Star swim meet May 7 at Mount Trashmore. Potter helped the Suffolk YMCA squad to fourth in the meet, while Bishop’s Chesapeake YMCA team got third.

The Lady Gators started the meet by taking third in both the Mixed 7-8 100-medley relay and the 9-10 200 medley. Gabrielle was on the Chesapeake team that was third in Mixed 11-12 competition.

Kylie won the first individual race of the meet, the Girls 6U 25-free. Taylor Berard was fifth in the Girls 7-8 25-free, and Curtis Oliver second in the Boys 7-8 event.

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Gabrielle won the 9-10 50-free event, and Suffolk’s Matthew Peterson was fourth in the Boys race. Taylor Dailey was fourth in the Boys 11-12 race.

Curtis was third in 25-breast racing, and Elizabeth Wallace and Kendell Effler third and fourth in Girls 9-10. Samantha Barbour was third in 9-10 100-medley, and Matthew was fifth. The Gators got fourth in Mixed 7-8 100-free relay, finished third in 9-10 200-free and came in fourth in 13-14.

Kylie won the 50-free, and Curtis was second and David Forman fourth in 7-8 50-free. Berard was third in the Girls race.

Gabrielle won the 9-10 100-free, and Samantha was fifth. Matthew took third in the Boys race. Kylie came out on top in the 25-back, and Berard third and David second in 7-8 racing. Danielle Thomas finished third in 11-12.

Amanda Petroski was fourth in 7-8 25-fly, and Samantha third in 9-10.