Let Hall Place healing begin

Published 12:00 am Sunday, May 29, 2005

Editor, the News-Herald:

At a time when healing is the main thing people need in Hall Place, the Hall Place Community Association vice-president and writer of letter to the editor in the News-Herald, &uot;Hall Place progress should not be derailed by bad apples,&uot; has sunk to a new low.

With a &uot;sour grapes&uot; attitude and no apparent regard for the facts or &uot;fair play,&uot; she tastelessly went after two well-liked Hall Place residents.

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It is clearly evident that the overwhelming majority of people living in Hall Place, including a large number of new HPCA members, want no part of becoming a &uot;historical district.&uot;

Our city councilman has seen for himself at the last two HPCA meetings how the president and vice-president seemed to try every trick in the book to muzzle the voice of the people by not letting them speak on the subject, and stifle their will by not allowing motions to be made.

Finally, justice was served at the May HPCA meeting when a motion made its way to the floor, was quickly seconded, and the president and vice-president were removed from office, to the relief and delight of most everyone there.

It was like an enormous weight was lifted off of the backs of Hall Place folks.

Now, the city manager needs to work with us to make the &uot;false pretenses&uot; application for unwanted &uot;historical designation&uot; null and void.

That is the will of the people. No public hearings, no planning commission involvement, no city council involvement.

The people have spoken and we respectfully thank all those involved for listening and understanding.

We just want our neighborhood to continue to grow and prosper under our very successful &uot;conservation district&uot; plan, which is a perfect fit for Hall Place.

Maybe then, folks won’t feel so &uot;under the gun&uot; about things they don’t want being unfairly forced on them.

Maybe then, that much needed healing can begin.

Sonny Lynn


Editor, the News-Herald:

In reference to Tara Stainback’s letter in today’s paper, I would like to refer to my letter of 5/4/05 which quoted William Pitt as saying; &uot;Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.&uot;

The writer says that when she was elected vice president of Hall Place Community Association (HPCA) she

was thrilled because she knew that the association now had two very strong willed and &uot;no holds barred&uot; type of women at the helm. What this really means is that she and her other &uot;strong willed woman&uot; were determined to push their agenda to the exclusion of all other HPCA members.

She states that the &uot;bad apples&uot; who don’t agree with her vision for the community do not represent the HPCA and do not speak on their behalf. She should be informed that the &uot;bad apples&uot; as well as the &uot;good apples&uot; are the HPCA and she was elected to represent the association on their behalf whether she agrees with their decisions or not.

This is a good example of what William Pitt was speaking about. Tyrants will always invoke their will on others. If these strong willed women want historically accurate homes they should go back to well pumps and outhouses in the back yards.

Macon N. Sanford