USA vs. the World

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 2, 2005

Last week I had a call from Cape Cod from a friend. We have been friends since 1932. I’m making a point that friendship can be a long lasting affair. Could nations embark on such friendship? Peace would be such tat war could be a thing of the past.

The US and England have been friendly for many years. At present a long list of English people have been meeting and making it very clear they do not approve of this Iraqi war and Prime Minister Blair holds his job – but just barely. Poor Tony!

But today I’ll discuss money and how we spread it around as though it were never ending. Wish I had such a situation. Wow! Would I spend! That’s my nature. Did you ever get the feeling the USA has an endless pit of money? My dad’s expression for frequent requests for money was, &uot;Do you think I’m made of money?&uot; Guess we did. Back to the above.


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The capture of Saddam’s sons cost $15 million for each son (glad he didn’t have more.) Still we are hated in Iraq. Let’s go to the Saudis. Country run by royal family. Prince Abdullah loves to come here (wonder if it’s to meet rich American girls?) He’s treated royally, as he should, and goes home with pockets full of money. I’m considering doing the same. So easy.

Now, Israel is a lot different. They are special to the US. We send money to them for the upkeep but they are good friends. They would move to our side against any enemy. But might this be buying friends? I guess we’ll take them any way we can get them. At least we are assured of them.

Pakistan is one of our maybe friends. The Prime Minister dresses to the hilt and comes calling. Reason? Budget got all mixed up and needs to be adjusted. They send him with very large pockets and we fill them.

One thing has my approval. The small African countries living in poverty and hit with a hurricane received a big fat check. These I help. Poverty is like a family member. Yes to them. Money may be the root of all evil, but it fills their bellies. Starvation isn’t fun and games watching children die.

Everyone needs our help. We are an easy touch. Haiti – poverty in its highest form. The church is a big part of the help to them. As the say, someone has to do it. Wish the church was available when my bills come in.

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