Something special for newcomers, June 3, 2005

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 3, 2005

We're gearing up here for our annual Sketchbook project.

Sketchbook is our annual Suffolk newcomer's guide and out side of the Horizons edition in February, our biggest project of the year.

We set records last year on page count and advertising content and fully expect to meet and exceed those numbers this year.

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The reason is pretty clear, Suffolk probably has higher percentage of newcomers than any city in Virginia. As the state's fastest growing city, people are flocking here and Sketchbook is the best opportunity around for businesses to get their foot in the door with these folks.

With a distribution of about 20,000, no similar publication even comes close to Sketchbook's reach in the community. Further, it is delivered to homes via the Suffolk News-Herald and Tidewater Shopper. Distribution of similar publications pale in comparison.

Sketchbook not only has higher distribution numbers, but includes the vital information newcomers need to know and long-time residents need reminding of from time to time. Sketchbook isn't produced merely to look pretty (Even though it is), but to be a useful tool.

There will be some minor format changes introduced this year that will make Sketchbook even better. The dimensions will be slightly reduced to allow for more ease of use and the quality of paper stock will be upgraded from a standard, 30-pound newsprint to a bright, white, 50-pound offset. This will allow color to jump off the page.

Those who take out a full page or half page ad in Sketchbook will have a story on their firm included.

Make your advertising reservations now. Sketchbook will publish at the end of July. Contact your News-Herald advertising representative: Earl T. Jones, 934-9607; Sue Barnes, 934-9602; Michael Curbelo, 934-9606; or Maureen Riley at 934-9604 for advertising information.