‘Created to Love, Called to Serve’

Published 12:00 am Monday, June 6, 2005

When she sang, &uot;Halle,&uot; they sang, &uot;Lujah!&uot;

When she sang, &uot;Yes,&uot; they sang, &uot;Lord!&uot;

When she sang, &uot;Thank you,&uot; they sang, &uot;Jesus!&uot;

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Kasandra Goodman and the rest of the Potter’s House Christian Fellowship singing group sang His name Saturday in the First Baptist Church parking lot at the March for Jesus event. Five churches and many other individuals came together for a day of praise in the theme, &uot;Created to Love, Called to Serve.&uot;

&uot;Thank you, Jesus!&uot; Goodman said. &uot;God is good! We were just trying to praise His name. Where there is unity, there is strength, and if we unify down here, once we get to heaven, we’ll be even stronger.&uot;

After a parade up North Main Street started the event, the rally kicked off in celebration of Jesus Day National.

&uot;This is an international event,&uot; said coordinator Dot Dalton. &uot;It’s done all over the world to bring Jesus into a city and sing His praises.&uot;

She, co-coordinator Cleveland Brown and the rest of the event’s hosts handed out palm branches, just like the ones people along the streets of Jerusalem waved at Jesus as he died on the cross.

&uot;We’re waiting for the Second Coming,&uot; Brown said. &uot;We’re ready to usher Him back in!&uot;

Local chaplain Steve Corman said a prayer for the city.

&uot;Father, please bless the city of Suffolk,&uot; said Corman, chaplain for the nearby law offices of Steve Taylor. &uot;We pray for the lost souls of our city that they may find salvation. Our mission is to defend and support His perfect will for the establishment of His kingdom for His glory.&uot;

As Lamont Byrum and Remnant took the stage, Austin Lasky and Chris Mathews cheered from the bleachers.

&uot;I wanted to praise God!&uot; said Lasky, a member of Celebration Christian Church. &uot;It’s important to remember Him in group worship.&uot;

Mathews, a student at Forest Glen Middle School, attends Open Door Church.

&uot;I’m here to support the event,&uot; he said. &uot;I feel like events like this end up better is there’s more people.

&uot;I’m enjoying the atmosphere because there’s a lot of friendly people!&uot;