Kings Highway Bridge has been destroyed

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 17, 2005

Editor, the News-Herald:


City Council Members, Suffolk

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It is almost beyond believing that Suffolk City Council and VDOT have divided two historic villages – Chuckatuck and Driver – and destroyed the Kings Highway Bridge.

Most citizens of Suffolk still believe that the new bridge should be built adjacent to the old bridge.

In 1998, VDOT presented their plans for the new bridge.

The money was available and everything was set to build, but then the Suffolk City Council politicized the issue, divided the Suffolk community, and wasted over a million dollars.

The new bridge would have been finished in 2002. So here we are in 2005 – the old bridge has been closed, the money has been used for other projects, I assume, and it is doubtful that a bridge will ever be built at either site now.

Thousands of people have to drive many additional miles to get to their jobs at the shipyard, Chesapeake, etc.

Think of the time and money involved with these people.

Today, we are all without a bridge and there is no solution in sight, as far as I can determine. If I were a member of City Council, it would grieve me to have on my conscience what my vote did to adversely affect so many, many lives by voting on the alternate site.

This tragic and unbelievable set of circumstances shows eloquently the results of poor leadership – the &uot;blind leading the blind,&uot; as an old clich\u00E9 goes.

The silent majority has not spoken and it is sad.

But they suffer because they sat back and allowed it all to happen.

I am only one-a property owner in Suffolk – but I am one, and I want all to know what I feel and how I feel.

I am ashamed of the City Council, which has brought such havoc upon a truly great and historic community.

Dr. Ray O. Jones