June 22, 1938: Stories featured in the Suffolk News-Herald on this date 67 years ago…

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Softball game is postponed

Officials of the Suffolk Softball league announced this morning that on account of wet grounds the game scheduled for tonight will not be played. If weather permits, there will be a double header tomorrow night, between the V.E.P. and Bankers-Commerce teams, and the Plumbers and D. Pender teams. The first game is scheduled to get underway at 7:45 p.m. Members of the Junior Volunteer Service Corps who have charge of all collections, have more than doubled the average amount taken in at the games.

Officials said however, that even in view of this increase the average was still only one a half cents per person. Average attendance at the games has run between 500 and 800, and members of the committee expressed the feeling that any program of entertainment that consistently draws crowds such as these, was worth at least a nominal contribution.

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Simpson drives 12.5 miles in test run

You’ve heard the one about the caf\u00E9 owner eating in his own caf\u00E9. Well here is one about the gasoline salesmen who liked his own gas.

A small wager has been in the making for the past week between Harold P. Shreiner, manager of Godwin Motor Co. and Capt. Charlie Duke, manager of Southern Oil Co., as to which could drive the Thrifty Sixth Ford V8 the greater distance on a quart of super Shell gasoline.

Capt. Charlie took his turn at the wheel today. He rolled to a hat with an empty carburetor at 5.7 miles. In the course of his test he had to stop twice because of a blocked highway. His average was just what the manufacturers claim the thrifty sixty will do under normal driving conditions.

22 patients attend orthopedic clinic

Four pairs of shoes were furnished, one pair with a lift, to patients attending the Rotary sponsored orthopedic clinic held yesterday at the offices of the local health unit. Dr. J. B. Dalton of Richmond, was in charge of the clinic, and was assisted by a member of the Suffolk Junior Volunteer Service Corps who helped in handling the records of the clinic. In all 22 patients attended, including 11 new ones.

Mad dog reported on Brewer Avenue

The first mad dog scare of the season was reported last night to the Suffolk Police Department, when a dog suffering from what observers said looked like rabies, was seen on Brewer Avenue.

Several officers were dispatched to the neighborhood but when they arrived the animal had wandered has not been heard from again.

Health officials pointed out that rabies were more apt to be prevalent in hot summer weather, than in the cold months and residents of the community cannot be too careful in handling pets.

-Compiled by Jennifer Rose