Real issues get lost

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 22, 2005

As much as we hate to, we’re forced to join the growing legions of critics of the mainstream media – particularly metropolitan daily newspapers and television network news operations that increasingly seek out the shallow and sensational at the expense of informing Americans on the real issues.

Whether it’s Sen. Dick Durbin or Amnesty International where the right is concerned, or Ed Klein, author of the new book on Hillary Clinton, where the left is concerned, by focusing on the attacks, the real issue gets lost and eventually forgotten, which is exactly what the attackers hope will happen.

So instead of the alleged prisoner abuse at Guantanamo Bay or Clinton’s fitness for high office – things that Americans really care about – Durbin, AI and Klein become the issue. This is a disservice to Americans who depend on the media to keep them informed.

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Newspapers and networks wonder why they continue to lose audience. Their shallow focus on who can yell the loudest or sleazy news like the Michael Jackson trial, is driving Americans to alternative information sources.