Some thoughts on PETA

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Editor, the News-Herald:

There are a lot of things I would like to say about PETA but most of them are X rated and cannot be printed so that children can read them.

Did you ever wonder why the liberal &uot;do-gooders&uot; always want to reform you down to their level but never want to reform themselves up to yours? Last week’s fiasco was typical of what happens when these organizations are allowed to overstep their bounds. They think they can destroy people’s property and reputations with impunity just to satisfy their hunger for more grant and gift money.

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You can bet your next week’s pay check that the people at PETA knew what was going on all along. It was a way to save cremation money. Two of their employees were driving an expensive van equipped with animal killing kits. Who provided them?

One of the people arrested showed up in court with teary eyes and a downturned mouth saying she was sorry for what she had done. If you believe that I would like to talk to you about buying some prime farm land in the dismal swamp.

The only sorrow she felt was for getting caught. Now Newkirk

has mounted television ads trying to shift the blame to us for what she condoned. I predict that in the long run the two who were caught will be fired from PETA and if they are fined or jailed in North Carolina, PETA will disown them and try to come out smelling like a rose. Right now there is one mighty CYOA operation going on at PETA. After some of PETA’S past dirty operations that will be a hard job.

Macon N. Sanford