Woman in distress thanks two local businesses

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Editor, the News-Herald:

What started out to be an average two hour trip to see my parents in Gloucester, Virginia on Thursday, June 16 soon turned into a cry for help from myself and twin 7-year-old children.

Having just had work performed on our vehicle in Greenville, North Carolina, we were confident our journey would be uneventful – not the case at all.

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By the time we reached Doris and Roger’s Restaurant on Route 11/13 in North Carolina, I noticed the truck had little to no oil pressure.

We managed to make it to the outskirts of Suffolk where we stopped at Colony Tire at 1263 Carolina Road.

A gentleman there by the name of Billy Ullom informed me that although the business did not have the diagnostic equipment I needed, he would personally take a look at my vehicle before I continued on my way.

After taking the time out of his very busy workday to give the truck a thorough once over, he informed me that everything he could check, fluid levels, etc., looked good.

He then mentioned his neighbor, Gardner Automotive at 1265 Carolina Road.

He told me that they had the diagnostic tools I needed, but that they were very busy.

Since he did not know if they would have the time to see me, he went over on his own to speak with the owner, Mr. Johnny Gardner.

Although Mr. Gardner and his staff were swamped with business, they agreed to take a look at my vehicle.

Mr. Ullom then came back and proceeded to inform me of where to go, who to speak to, etc.

I drove next door where Mr. Gardner and his staff not only took my truck in immediately, they allowed me, children, and dog to wait in their air conditioned waiting room.

After a very short while, Mr. Gardner and his staff determined the work I had done in Greenville had caused problems with my oil pump.

They were able to get my truck running to the point where I could drive it back to the original shop to have the appropriate work done without any worries of a breakdown on the way.

Being a mother traveling with two small children, I do not know where I would be today without these two gentlemen.

They went above and beyond the call of duty in caring about a person and their situation and not just business.

It is very rare in today’s society that someone finds not one, but two people who truly care about a person and not just a dollar.

Although I would have paid thousands for the work and service that was provided to me, I actually paid less than I would have for the same work in Greenville.

I can never repay these gentlemen for their kindness and concern.

All I can do is let the public know that there are businesses still out there who truly care about their clients.

So please, if you ever need tires or automotive work done in the Suffolk and surrounding areas, go see Mr. Billy Ullom at Colony Tire at 1263 Carolina Road or Mr. Johnny Gardner and his staff at Gardner Automotive at 1265 Carolina Road.

Tell them a very grateful woman sent you.

Lynn Sylvia

Greenville, N.C.