Citizens deserved better parking at city’s Fourth celebration

Published 12:00 am Thursday, July 7, 2005

Editor, the News-Herald:

I felt compelled to write before the Minister of Misinformation (also known as the Director of Communication) puts his spin on how wonderful the 4th of July Celebration was at Constant’s Wharf.

I have a few questions for Mayor Ralph and his merry band of councilmen and women.

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Which rocket scientist came up with the parking plan for this event?

I’m sure business owners in the area were underwhelmed that all their parking was taken by non-buying patrons heading to the celebration.

Can they send you the bill for renting their parking lots for the day?

I certainly enjoyed my Slurpee (O thank heavens for 7-Eleven) as I rode around the area looking for a parking space.

I happened to notice that the Hilton Hotel had part of their parking lot blocked off, sure hope Mayor Ralph and the rest of the primary staff found parking adequate.

I can really see how this private-public partnership with Hilton is working out in the taxpayers’ favor.

How were the hors d’oeuvres and luxury accommodations that I paid for with my hard earned tax money?

I’m terribly sorry we were unable to provide you and the primary staff with alcohol, it must seem like a miscarriage of justice to you.

Finally, thanks for the miserly two cent reduction in my property tax rate.

Now my taxes only went up 14.9 percent this year.

I know you and the council have many wonderful other ways planned to spend my tax money, but how about passing a binding resolution that new budgets will be &uot;revenue neutral&uot; and require a council vote to increase my taxes.

That will allow voters to easily identify those of you who need to be replaced the soonest!

Everett Revell