July 10, 1937: Stories featured in the News-Herald 68 years ago on this date:

Published 12:00 am Monday, July 11, 2005

Josiah Bradshaw gives fate ‘A Kick in Pants’

If this summer heat has you down and you need a shot-in-the-arm to revive wilted spirits, you can get it without cost by watching Josiah Bradshaw in action.

The times haven’t whipped the exuberant spirit of this determined son of Nansemond County, nor have the frowns of fate been able to detour him off the road to self-sustenance.

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An automobile accident put an end to his farming career.

He lost the use of his legs.

He grew old.

There was no job and no bank account to bridge the hard years.

But Bradshaw knew how to work.

If he could no longer work in the field or in a factory, there were still many things left even for a man in his late seventies.

When the WPA began its program, Mr. Bradshaw qualified for a job.

The project is making baskets from trips of oak and other hardwoods.

It is almost a lost art.

Mr. Bradshaw learned it as a child on his father’s farm in Nansemond.

He never thought he’s find the art useful, but it’s mighty important to him and his family today.

Dr. Goodwin will preach at the First Baptist Church

Dr. H. J. Goodwin, pastor of the First Baptist Church, returned to the city this morning.

He had been assisting the Rev. N. R. Green, in Pittsylvania County, in a series of evangelistic services during the week.

Dr. Goodwin will occupy his pulpit Sunday using as his subject for the morning service, &uot;Every Member Can&uot; and at the evening service, &uot;Ring True.&uot;

The memorial supper will be observed at the close of the morning service.

Thermometer reaches century mark second day

For the second successive day Suffolk blistered under burning rays from the sun which sent the mercury climbing to the 100-degrees level in thermometers scattered about the business district.

In the cool shade of the water department’s grove at Lake Kilby, the official thermometer recorded 98 degrees.

Reports of prostrations and illness from becoming overheated were numerous yesterday among outdoor workers.

No serious cases were reported, however, and none was admitted to local hospitals because of the heat.

President off today on weekend cruise

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – President Roosevelt left Annapolis aboard the presidential yacht Potomac today for a week-end cruise on the Chesapeake Bay and the Potomac River.

The chief executive made the 35-mile drive from Washington to the dock at the Naval Academy in an open car under a glaring sun, the heat was oppressive.

-Compiled by Andrew Giermak