Barracudas feel Sharks’ bite

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Nansemond upped its record to 4-0 with a 444-251 defeat of East-West (EW) Wednesday afternoon at the Eclipse pool.

Curtis Oliver and Ashley Lind started things by sweeping 9-10 individual medley competition for EW, and Quaid O’Brien won the 11-12 boys event. Shannon McDonald got the Sharks a win in her 11-12, and Michael Creech and Maggie Standing swept 13-14. Jarred Baird and Heather Wineman also did so for Nansemond in 15-18.

Balley Troutman, Kristen Stoddard, Katie Pfrang and Daniel Kent won the 6U free relay for the Barracudas, and Logan Lancaster, Brooks Peterson, Emily Neuberg and Connor Fitzgerald got the 7-8. Megan Coston, Stephanie Brereon, Lizzy Fowler and Maddie Ebel got the Sharks a 9-10 win, and Taylor Dailey, Thomas Westfall, Jessica Johnson and Ashmore Standing took 11-12. Ben Woodyard, Lindsey Kiessling, Kayla Chandler and Jamie Iiams won 13-14 for the Sharks, and their teammates Heather Wineman, Jenna Powder, Morgan Thorndike and Tyler Keeling got 15-18.

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EW’s Daniel Kent and Shark Olivia Bono split 8U freestyle, and John Wade and Maddie Ebel swept 7-8. Will Healy won the 9-10 boys race, Stephanie Brereton the girls. Brock Barbeau and Taylor Bono split 11-12, and Paul Wersner and Kayla Chandler swept 13-14 for Nansemond. Danielle Waller and Tyler Keeling swept 15-18.

In breastroke competition, Shark Weston Lumbard won for the boys, Taylor Neauberg for the girls. Jeff Goodwin and Lindsey Keeling swept 13-14 for Nansemond, Jarred Baird and Heather Wineman 15-18. Daniel Kent and Olivia Bono began backstroke competition by splitting 8U. Austin Ebel and Maddie Ebel swept 7-8, Taylor Beale and Emmy Jennings 9-10. Brock Barbeau and Taylor Bono won their respective 11-12 races, with Ben Woodyard and Becky Wendlend sweeping 13-14 for the Sharks. EW’s Andrew Cann and Shark Ellen Cook finished the stroke by splitting 15-18, and Austin Ebel and Emily Neauberg started fly by splitting 8U.

EW’s Jordan Northey and Shark Rachel Waller split 9-10, and Matt Lee and Taylor D’Etcheverry split 11-12 for the Barracudas. Ben Woodyard and Madison O’Brien split 13-14, and Kyle Jett and Jenna Powder followed suit in 15-18. Dillian Wright and Logan Lancaster split 7-8 free, and Jordan Northey and Allana Lumbard split 9-10. Weston Lumbard and Shannon McDonald swept 11-12, Logan Sorenson and Allie Thorndike 13-14, and Kyle Jett and Nadine Saint 15-18.

Logan Lancaster, Brooks Peterson, Connor Fitzgerald and Emily Neuberg won the 7-8 medley relay, with Allena Lumbard, Joe Wendland, Rachel Waller and Stephanie Brereton taking 9-10. Ashmore Standing, Hunter Beale, Taylor Bono and Weston Lumbard got the 11-12, Jamie Iiams, Peter Werezner, Becky Wendlend and Logan Sorenson the 13-14, and Ellen Cook, Jeff Iiams, Tyler Keeling and Kyle Minga 15-18.