Gators weather Tsunamis, 495-404, in pool action at Suffolk YMCA

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 12, 2005

David Forman celebrated his eighth birthday with four victories as Suffolk defeated the Tsunamis (TS) 495-404 Wednesday evening at the Suffolk YMCA.

Matt Nelms and Samantha Barbour started off for the Gators by swimming 9-10 individual medley competition. Chase Rice took the 11-12 boys race, and Lauren Keating gave TS its first victory in the girls event.

Jacob Branchaud and Meredith Beale won for the Gators in 13-14 competition, and Ruffin Hill and Megan Thompson followed suit in 15-18 racing.

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Now in free relay competition, the Gators won the 7-8 and 15-18 events, TS the 9-10, 11-12 and 13-14. Tyler Lentini started individual racing by winning the 6U boys free event, and Gator Brittnee Dee was the girls winner. Kaitlyn Anderson won the girls 7-8 event, Chase Rice the 11-12 boys. Rachel McManus won the 11-12 girls race, and Alex McManus and Greg Walker swept 13-14 for TS.

The Gators got hot in breastroke, as Patrick Moloney and Kylie Potter swept 8U racing and Matt Nelms and Kendell Effler 10U. Will Arcand won the 9-10 race, but Greg Youngblood and Jessie Pyne charged to 11-12 wins for TS. Meredith Beale won her 13-14 race and Bobby Pyne gave TS a 15-18 victory, with Gator Michelle West closing out the stroke with a 15-18 win.

Tyler Lentini won the 6U boys backstroke, and David Forman and Kathryn Schau swept 7-9. Taylor Berard won 7-8 in girls rumbling, and Will Arcand and Kendell Effler each won 9-10. Chase Rice and Lauren Keating split 11-12 racing.

David Forman and Kylie Potter were tops in 8U fly, and Matt Nelms and Kendell Effler won 9-10. Michael Babinuea won the 11-12 event and Jacob Branchaud 13-14, and Ruffin Hill and Megan Thompson swept 15-18.

With one stroke to go, David Forman won 7-8 freestyle and Samantha Barbour 9-10. Michael Babineau and Rachel McManus won 11-12, with Jacob Branchaud and Alex McManus grabbing 13-14 wins. Ruffin Hill was the final Gator to take an individual win, grabbing the 15-18. The Gator medley relay teams closed the meet by winning in 7-8, 9-10 and 13-14.