I wish I had said it

Published 12:00 am Thursday, July 14, 2005

Once again Charlie Daniels speaks his feelings and once again he is right on the money. Charlie needs to be writing for a major news magazine. Here is the straight scoop from Charlie who can use my column anytime he wants…with the Editor's permission.

"I just returned from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba Naval Air Station base where we did three shows for the troops and toured several locations around the post visiting with some of the finest military personnel on planet earth. The kids seemed to really enjoy the shows and especially liked "This Ain't No Rag, It's A Flag" and "In America." We had a great time with them. We saw Camp X-Ray, from a distance, where the Taliban detainees are being held but I picked up a lot of what's going on there from talking with a lot of different people.

The truth of the matter is that this operation is under a microscope.

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The Red Cross has an on-site presence there and closely watches everything. The media is not telling you the whole truth about what's going on over there. The truth is that these scumbags are not only being treated humanely, but they are probably better off healthwise and medically than they've ever been in their lives. They are well fed, able to take showers and receive state of the art medical care…and have their own Moslem chaplain. I saw several of them being treated in a state of the art medical facility.

Now let's talk about the way they treat our guards. First of all, they have to be watched constantly.

These people are committed and wanton murderers who are willing to die just to kill someone else. One of the doctors told me that when they had Taliban in the hospital, the staff had to be very careful with needles, pens and anything else that could possibly be used as a weapon. They also throw their excrement and urine on the troops who are guarding them. And our guys and gals have shown great restraint in not retaliating. We are spending over a million dollars a day maintaining and guarding these killers and anyone who wants to see them brought to the U.S.A. for trial is either out of their heads or a lawyer looking for money and notoriety. Or both.

I wish that the media and the Red Cross and all the rest of the people who are so worried about these criminals would realize that this is not a troop of errant Boy Scouts. These are killers of the worst kind. They don't need protection from us; we need protection from them. If you don't get anything else out of this soapbox, please try to realize that when you see news coverage, much of the time you're not getting the whole story, but an account filtered through a liberal mindset with an agenda.

We have two fights on our hands, the war against terror and the one against the loudmouthed lawyers and left wing media who would sap the strength from the American public by making us believe that we're losing the war or doing some thing wrong in fighting it. Remember these are the same people who told us that Saddam Hussein's Republican guard was going to be an all but invincible enemy and that our smart bombs and other weapons were not really as good as the military said that they were.

They also took up for Bill Clinton while he was cavorting around the Oval office with Monica Lewinsky while the terrorists were gaining strength and bombing our embassies and dragging the bodies of dead American heroes around the dusty streets of Somalia. It's a shame that we can't have an unbiased media who would just report the truth and let us make up our own minds.

Here I must commend Fox News for presenting both sides much better than the other networks. They are leaving the other cable networks in the dust. People like being told the truth. Our military not only needs, but also deserves our support. The next time you read a media account about the bad treatment of the Taliban in Cuba, remember what I told you…been there done that.

Footnote: I got an e-mail from a rather irate first cousin of mine the other day that has a daughter who's a lawyer and she seemed to think that I was painting all lawyers with the same brush. Please understand that I'm not doing that at all. That would be like saying that all musicians were drug addicts. There are a lot of good and honest attorneys out there. I happen to have one of them. But it seems that they never get any airtime.

It's always the radicals who get their opinions heard, who fight the idea of the military tribunals and cite The Constitution and the integrity of America as their source of justifying their opinions. Well, first of all The Constitution says "We the people of the United States," it doesn't mention any other country. And secondly as far as integrity is concerned, I don't think some of these folks would know integrity if it bit them in the posterior."

Robert Pocklington is a Suffolk resident and regular News-Herald columnist. He can be reached at robert.pocklington@suffolknewsherald.com.