The SNH#039;s top softball squads

Published 12:00 am Thursday, July 14, 2005

Here is the first-ever All-Suffolk News-Herald softball team, made up of Suffolk's top players from 2004-05. The baseball team will be coming soon.

Player of the Year:

Heather Horton, Nansemond River

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That she wasn't named the top Lady Warrior athlete last year was a joke (let's see, she ONLY made the All-District field hockey team for the third time and All-Region for the second and JUST got on the All-District softball team for the third time! Who counted the votes, the Florida Supreme Court?), but Horton was the total package on the River diamond for her entire time there, in the field and at the plate. This is the type of player that every team would like to have a few more of.

First team:

First base—Ashley McCord, Lakeland

Second base n Katie Byrd, Nansemond-Suffolk Academy

Shortstop—Katelyn Smither, Lakeland

Third base n Ellen Giermak, Nansemond-Suffolk Academy

Catcher n Brittany Wilkins, Nansemond-Suffolk Academy

Pitcher n Lindly Theroux, Nansemond River

Left field n Erika Maynard, Nansemond River

Centerfield n Mindy Byrd, King's Fork

Right field n LaTonia Gatling, King's Fork

Second team:

First base n Sarah Brooks, Nansemond River

Second base n Gillian Giarrizzo, King's Fork

Shortstop n Kelsei Saunders, Nansemond River

Third base n Rachael Evans, Lakeland

Catcher n Erica Rimasse, Lakeland

Pitcher n Lindsay Kelly, Lakeland

Left field n Kaitlin Espinosa, Lakeland

Centerfield—Megan Patterson, Nansemond-Suffolk Academy

Right field n Natalie Cutchin, Nansemond-Suffolk Academy