July 16

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 19, 2005


– Assault, Godwin Boulevard

-Drug/equipment violations, Third Avenue/Pitchkettle Road


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-Hit and run, East Washington Street/North Main Street

-Gas drive-off, Wilroy Road

-Gas drive-off, Carolina Road

-Gas drive-off, Pruden Boulevard

-Possession, Elizabeth Street

-Shooting into occupied building, Hunter Street

-Breaking and entering, Hosier Road

-Vandalism, College Drive

-Theft, East Washington Street

-Theft, Truman Road

-Assault, North Saratoga Street/West Washington Street

-Possession, North Main Street/Western Avenue

-Gas drive-off, North Main Street

-Assault, Carolina Road

-Hit and run, West Washington Street

-Assault, Jenkins Mill Road

-Vandalism, College Drive

-Theft, East Washington Street

-Grand larceny, Godwin Boulevard

-Theft, Apple Wood Court

-Hit and run, Oak Street

-Breaking and entering, Tynes Street

-Grand larceny, Townpoint Road

-Throwing missiles at occupied dwelling, Wilroy Road

-Brandishing a firearm, Locust Street

-Traffic hazard, Corinth Chapel Road

-Assault, North Main Street

-Assault, South 5th Street

-Recovered stolen auto, Southwestern Boulevard

-Breaking and entering, River Crescent

-Breaking and entering, Settlers Landing Road

-Vandalism, Settlers Landing Road

-Vandalism, Georgia Avenue

-Grand larceny, Leafwood Road

-Annoying phone calls, Old Myrtle Road

-Breaking and entering, Godwin Boulevard

-Disorderly conduct, Second Avenue

-Gas drive-off, Godwin Boulevard

-Missing person, Desert Road

-Vandalism, Saint James Avenue

-Assault, Nancy Drive

-Assault, Spruce Street

-Natural death, Kings Fork Road

-Assault, Blythewood Lane

-Annoying phone calls, Lake Kennedy Drive

-Hit and run, North Street

-Threatening phone calls, East Washington Street

-Animal bite, Forest Glen Drive

-Annoying phone calls, Cottage Court

-Petit larceny, Myrick Avenue

-Assault, East Washington Street

-Grand larceny, North Main Street

-Assault, Bank Street/North Capital Street