It#039;s your own fault, July 18, 2005

Published 12:00 am Friday, July 29, 2005

"If somebody doesn't come out for this…well, it's their own fault," one of the folks I talked to at Friday's TGIF concert at Constant's Wharf said.

He was right. About 7 p.m., when a breeze kicked up to drive out the merciless heat, the park and marina transformed into a wonderful concert/party venue.

While I would go so far as to call attendance to the Oregon Hill All Starts show overwhelming, it was "decent" enough (The fenced area would not comfortably fit a heckuvalot more).

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Those who did come out seemed to have a good time socializing and listening to the music.

The News-Herald had a tent set up, and while not many people stopped by, we made at least one person happy and that made it worth it.

Betsy Blair, a teacher and Suffolk native who now lives in Philadelphia, was the winner of a DVD player we gave away. She was ecstatic and it was delightful to meet her. She said she didn't have a DVD player. So that was pretty cool.

Blair's sister, Nancy Blair, I learned, is a former News-Herald reporter who is now the personal finance editor at USA Today.

The concert series continues this week with Cooter's Garage band, featuring former Dukes of Hazzard Star Ben "Cooter" Jones. It should be entertaining and I hope we get better participation.

Jones, who attended Portsmouth schools, has been in the news lately blasting the Dukes of Hazzard movie with Jessica Simpson that is set to open next month. He compared it in the Pilot Monday to remaking "I Love Lucy" with Lucy cast as a crack addict. That was funny.

Anyway, remember. Your tax dollars funded the park and, as my friend observed Friday, if you don't use, it's your own fault.