We must have order! #110; July 29, 2005

Published 12:00 am Friday, July 29, 2005

I did not attend the July 4 celebration at Constant's Wharf. I wish I had, but I was at work all day and after our early deadline, I didn't want to hang around four or five hours waiting on it. Plus, we were able to see the Eclipse fireworks from our front yard.

The reason I mention this is that someone asked me on Friday why we had not reported anything about the Kilgore signs.

According to my source, supporters of Republican gubernatorial hopeful Jerry Kilgore saturated the area around the hotel n including the median strip and the hillside across the street, with campaign signs. And they were still there the next morning.

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Putting out such signs, of course, is a no-no in Suffolk (at least for taxpaying businesspeople) and something about which the city, I'm told, has no sense of humor. Many-a-businessperson I've talked to has said NDS has been fast to jump on them anytime they attempted to put out a single sign., even on their own property.

I assume that the sign Nazis merely took the holiday off and that the Kilgore campaign has been read the riot act. There are many, many events upcoming between now and Election Day that would be ideal signing opportunities for candidates. We must have order!

I like the new parking lot across the street from the Hilton, which last week some time was paved. It looks really nice. Someone told me Wednesday, however, to avoid stepping on the white lines that mark the spaces. This is unverified and I'm just passing along, but the lines, I was told, have some type of glass in them and can be quite slick if you step on them. So please watch your step.