PDCCC students honor their favorite writing professor

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 30, 2005

This week, students at Paul D. Camp Community College in Suffolk honored their favorite English teacher, James L. Butts.

The pupils of Butts’ English 211, Creative Writing, honored their teacher with gifts, some sincere, and some satirically befitting a creative writing teacher.

Butts was given a plaque on Tuesday with his favorite Emily Dickinson poem, I’m Nobody! Who are You?

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He was also honored with an original poem written just for the occasion.

Finally he was additionally &uot;honored&uot; with a fresh supply of red pens to replace all the red ink he used making comments and corrections to the students’ papers.

Most of the students in Creative Writing have had Butts for their other English classes.

He’s best known for his ability to teach grammar and his seemingly unending ability to recite poetry and other prose.

Butts is retired from the Portsmouth School System and has been teaching English at Paul D. Camp for more than six years.