Here Kitty, Kitty

Published 12:00 am Monday, August 1, 2005

Everyone knows the old, corny joke about chickens and crossing the road and getting to the other side, but what about a couple kittens?

Well, according to Chuckatuck store co-owner Paul Gwaltney, the answer in this case is pretty clear cut too.

&uot;If you feed them often enough, they’ll go just about anywhere.&uot;

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The two kittens, Salt and Pepper, are becoming two of Chuckatuck’s best known citizens between their home with the Gwaltney’s and the Seven-Eleven across the road.

As Sharon McClenney, manager of the 7-Eleven said, &uot;Many of our customers on in, see them, and then buy them cat food.&uot;

That fact is confirmed, at least on this Thursday morning by a hot dog carton outside the front door of the convenience store chock full of cat food, and a couple paper cups with water in them.

&uot;They manage to cross those roads without getting hit.&uot; said McClenney referring to the intersection of King’s Highway and Godwin Boulevard, certainly the busiest point in all of roaring downtown Chuckatuck.

As to why the kittens are now well-known as repeat customers at McClenney’s new diner: Spunk Gwaltney, Paul’s father and keeper of the two kittens, along with numerous other cats inside the Gwaltney grocery, had a knee operation

&uot;so we’re sharing the cats until Spunk is back on his feet again,&uot; said McClenney.

She added, &uot;As soon as they are ready again, they’ll take their cats back.&uot;

Listening to Paul however, the 7-Eleven, with its steady stream of food, water, and attention, might have created a couple loyal customers for a long time.