Let’s make ‘Nosh’ a big success

Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 11, 2005

We’ve written often in the past few years on this page about the juggernaut that is the local economy. Hardly a week – certainly never an entire month – goes by without some positive economic news about Suffolk.

Whether it’s the high-tech Sim City in northern Suffolk, various warehouses deciding to locate here or expand, the absurd real estate market, or even new mom and pop businesses opening their doors in formerly abandoned buildings, jobs are being created and people are investing and making money.

It’s a good time to be in Suffolk.

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For most of us, that is. There’s a sizeable bloc of people in Suffolk who for whatever reason are not rising with the tide, and their numbers appear to be growing, judging by the demands being placed on various social agencies for services. These agencies, like the Salvation Army, Red Cross, Suffolk Shelter for the Homeless and countless others have an ongoing need for volunteers and money. As Suffolk grows, so does the need.

That’s why its disappointing, if not embarrassing, that the local United Way campaign has fallen short of its fundraising goal for the past couple years. The agencies that do the vital work with the poor and those who are unable to fare for themselves depend on United Way funding to deliver their services. If these agencies are unable to deliver their services because of a lack of funding, the problem is not going to go away. It’s going to need to be picked up somehow by the city, which will result in a need for more tax revenue.

A city as prosperous as Suffolk should be able to meet its goals and its obligations to its fellow man.

The United Way campaign this year has high hopes. The pacesetter campaign is currently underway in which select firms are staging campaigns to jump-start the communitywide effort, which kicks off Sept. 9.

That day – the Day of Caring – is going to have a new twist this year. Rather than the morning rally, the United Way is planning a big event at Constant’s Wharf. Dubbed &uot;Nosh on the Nansemond&uot; (Nosh is Yiddish for snack or a light meal), the event will feature more than a dozen of our fine local restaurants offering samples of their fare. There will be beer and a band, too, all for just a $20 ticket.

The event will last from 4 to 8 p.m. Be watching the News-Herald for more information on where to buy tickets and what will be going on.

Please, this year, let’s all do our part to help lift everyone. Supporting the United Way’s kick off event will be a great way to start, not to mention a good warm-up event for the Ruritans’ Shrimp Feast which follows in about a month.