Callous treatment of Callis

Published 12:00 am Friday, August 12, 2005

Unless there is another side to the story, our policeman and DMV showed poor judgment mishandling our respected citizen, Sam Callis.

He may not have set a good example by driving 20 miles per hour, unless he had a good reason, but a warning instead of a ticket would have been sufficient. When a citizen of advanced age is acting out of the &uot;normal&uot; range there is usually a good reason. And Sam would probably be a bit feisty explaining why he didn’t believe he was impeding traffic.

Many times in rural countryside a farmer moving equipment from field to field impeded me; often for a few miles down the road? I accept that as part of rural living. After all, it was me who invaded his farm territory. Sam went to court, beat the rap, took all the state DMV tests and passed with flying colors. But apparently someone wanted him off the road and blew the whistle.

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Sam has never been involved in an accident and will not be as a driver…they took his license, jerked it out of his hand. Sam, a man not afraid to speak up is speaking up, – but it is doubtful the bureaucrats will listen as they often believe they rule the world. However, there could be another side to this mystery; someone close to Sam might have acted, right or wrong, in Sam’s best interest using DMV medical and mental reporting forms. It is a common practice and could happen to you or me.

Whatever happened to the city’s agreement that they would publish information in the local papers to help us decide whether or not we were interested in changing the method of choosing our mayor?

At Lakeland High School I’m sure I, and many others, heard words from the mayor’s mouth to the effect that it would be done. The presentation that evening was done by professionals, clearly understood, but impossible to remember the salient points. Printing it for public consumption would be sensible and necessary for a proper decision by individual citizens. It’s your move Mayor; perhaps Council will prod you to act. And about the seawall at the Hilton…just tell us, did we lose our shirt?

Data Gathered To Combat Rampant Obesity in State. That was the headline in a newspaper recently. So I pictured a bunch of pencil necks pounding computers and asking doctors for patient medical records. Not necessary…one has only to stand outside Golden Corral with a clipboard and pen figuring the ratio of heavyweight contenders. This refueling station provides an endless stream of consumables of every description for the human tankers that waddle in.

I go for the inch thick rare steaks, eight bucks all I can eat, but I admire the owner’s tactics…ply customers with those huge, hot, and delicious rolls to dull the appetite.

The place is a paradise for those who have calculated that the country will run completely out of food in about a week. I counted the trips of a gigantic lady three tables away and she outdid me by seven. All eight of her kids were butterballs and surely eat there regularly; some eat free. Imagine cooking three meals a day for that bunch. One chubby rascal still had a greasy rib in his mouth while he headed back to the beef grill…any one of his overflowing plates would feed a family of twelve in Bangladesh. The skinny beef chef surveys his clientele with delight not knowing he is contributing to the welfare of local cardiologists.

My heart goes out to the sailor, soldier, or Marine who has been in Iraq for 18 months and comes home to find he has two wives, both in the same body. She is delighted, of course, to have him return, but the incredulous look on the returning hero’s face immobilizes him and he appears fearful of letting go his dufflebag to embrace her. He looks back at the ship. Here he is, slim, fit, and muscular. She isn’t.

Well, that’s the United States nowadays, plenty of fattening food everywhere if you have the means and no control. Food purveyors are out to get you with their store-flyers filled with tantalizing bargains. Fast-food outlets bring it to your table in minutes: Sonic is looking for &uot;servers&uot; who can roller-skate it to your car window within seconds. Binge timed eating is even a popular sport; soon to be part of the Olympics. Plus size stores are opening everywhere for those who have haplessly attained girth but want be fashionable. Sadly, they are.

But not all is lost. Remember, scientists came up with patches to discourage smokers, prevent pregnancy, and to relax sore muscles.

And they are working on one to discourage overeating. The only holdup is the proper adhesive, one that will hold tight for at least a week. The design is clever, and in various skin and lipstick colors.

It’s a flat piece of flexible but strong tape that covers the mouth yet has the appearance of full lip that conceals the straw size hole in the center. Oprah has tested it on several occasions and will sponsor it on her daily show.

Soon you will be able to ask for it in drug stores…it will be called,&uot; The Loser.&uot;

Robert Pocklington lives in Suffolk and is a regular News-Herald columnist. He can be reached at