Suffolk Rotary hosts quad meeting with district governor

Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 18, 2005

Rotarians from Suffolk, North Suffolk, Franklin and Smithfield heard a motivational, and forward-looking message from District 7600 President Robert Preston recently during lunch at the Suffolk Elks Lodge.

Preston, with 41 total years of service and leadership with Rotary International, spoke to more than100 Rotarians in his district about the future success and mandates of the organization.

Speaking about the distant future, Preston said, &uot;What will Rotary be like in the year 2105?&uot;

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&uot;I see a new century of success.&uot; Preston said, &uot;we must be more global, reliable, and available to make the greatest impact possible on millions of people.&uot;

Then shifting focus to a slightly shorter-term vision for Rotary, Preston shared five goals he sees as critical within the next year for both his local district and Rotary International as a whole: Ways to include more youth in Rotary functions and groups, an increased importance given to the Rotary Foundation, specifically targeting the problem of literacy, a greater focus on water resources and availability, and more attention paid to

About Rotary’s image, Preston said, &uot;good performance, we do very well, but public appreciation, we do less well.&uot;

As another aspect of Rotary’s future, Preston mentioned the growing number of women who are becoming members and leaders within the organization and he expressed his wish to have this trend continue and accelerate.