Editor made the right choice in pulling column

Published 12:00 am Friday, August 26, 2005

Editor, the News-Herald:

This is a letter to the editor about the editor. We are new to Suffolk (year and a half) and enjoy this area very much after 32 years in Virginia Beach.

Our subscription to the Herald is about to run out and my wife and I

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enjoy the local news and features and were eager to send in our $90 until the articles began running concerning this disgruntled columnist named Roger Leonard and his flagrant use of the paper as a soap box for his problems.

Thanks to another good old boy named Robert Pocklington, we were so glad to hear that you intervened and assumed your role as editor and refused to print any more of his bias, boring remarks concerning our city council.

He was on the edge of yellow journalism and thankfully the council did not give his remarks any dignity by answering his allegations. Did he expect all of the citizens of Suffolk to storm city hall and demand action for him or that he is the only person in Suffolk smart enough to know what is &uot;really going on?&uot;

I hope not!

We were really concerned that as editor, you condoned these comments and appreciate your actions.

The Herald has been really improving in both content and size and is on the brink of moving up from the little old country newsletter to a bona fide first rate paper.

As for Pocklington, who considers Leonard to be &uot;articulate (and) right on,&uot; perhaps you might use an editor’s magic marker and cross out and edit some of his &uot;commentary.&uot;

Keep up the good work!

Norm Schaab