What makes Suffolk gasoline so special?

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 1, 2005

Editor, the News-Herald:

Today, I had a doctor’s appointment in Churchland and I stopped to fill up my at my normal place, the Shell station at the intersection of Pruden Boulevard and Godwin Boulevard. To my amazement, the price of unleaded regular had increased from Sunday at $2.59 to $2.79 per gallon, a 20-cent increase in 48 hours, so I purchased only $5 worth.

Next, I purchased gasoline at another station three miles east, formerly the same company, three miles east of the other station, at $2.619 per gallon.

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It had become a survey by this time.

In Churchland, I purchased fuel at $2.569 from a Hess station and then topped my tank off at $2.569 per gallon at a Crown station. The Shell down the street was also $2.569.

We, who purchase gasoline in Surprising Suffolk, are being gouged by some dealers. It is a shame that Angus Hines no longer runs a company in Suffolk because he was a fair and honest man. I urge all people to purchase gas some place other than Suffolk until prices get in line with neighboring communities.

Do not purchase the beer, smokes, bread, milk, etc. and watch the price of gasoline come down to the same as everyone else’s.

Roy W. Weaver

Gates, N.C.